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Vantage BDS is a comprehensive business support firm with an assortment of well-structured services that cater to the most critical challenges facing organizations today. The collective experience of our carefully selected professionals and global strategic partners has rendered Vantage BDS a valuable, integrated solution to our clients’ most pressing needs. In today’s cutthroat business world, typical and traditional strategies are no longer sufficient to warrant sustainability and growth, therefore it is up to the creative minds to develop and execute pro-active, innovative projects, programs, and methodologies that would allow their organizations to standout within the clutter of both their local and global competition.


Vantage BDS was established to specifically address this corporate need. With over 20 years of experience in various world markets and business sectors, in addition to a vast Regional and Global professional network, Vantage BDS provides its customers with cutting-edge, creative, and achievable business development solutions that yield a high return on their investment and ensures that they come across as a unique, attractive, high-value company in the minds of their diverse stakeholders.

We work very closely with each and every client to understand and assess their corporate objectives in order to assist them in developing appropriate, actionable, and achievable goals and strategies that best suit their size, capabilities, and resources, while ensuring continuous growth and improvement.

Nurturing your development from the roots

Vantage BDS is the strategic partner of Ascendant Group, the US-based global frontrunner in CEO Branding. Through Ascendant Group's twelve years of experience and success in CEO branding, Vantage BDS brings this exclusive service for the first time to the MENA Region. Built on referrals and inspired by trust since 2004, we deliver top line revenue growth strategies through a proprietary CEO branding model.


We exceed client expectations, from a custom-built suite of strategic services and rapid delivery of results that consistently surpass benchmarks to an unparalleled performance guarantee that says the work is not complete until we deliver.

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