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An Exclusive Service First Time to Hit the MENA Region

Communicate Proactively Now or Reactively Later!


Everything you do communicates something about your brand, your values and your organization’s culture. Highly effective leaders proactively communicate their message and avoid being labeled.  The best CEOs and companies have influence over how customers and strategic partners perceive them by knowing what their google results reveal and communicating proactively with the media to shape the dialogue. 


Data from global PR agency Burston-Masteller tells us 93% of potential investors and 88% of potential strategic alliance partners heavily weigh the CEOs reputation before doing business with their company.  Do you want to help them shape their opinion or leave it to chance?

We meet your expectations or we “Do It on Our Own Dime.”


We will secure guaranteed minimum placements across TV, radio, online, and print.  If we haven’t met the benchmarks by the end of the agreement we will continue working on our own dime.  One way or the other results will be exceeded and metrics met. 


All media we secure is strategic and hard earned.  None of the expected coverage is newswire based from services such as PR newswire.

Vantage BDS Global Strategic Partners

Build a CEO brand that increases portability, grows your business, and ensures a legacy.


Imagine others assuming you’ll be successful because they know your track record.  Our CEOs are able to leverage their previously built reputation when creating new concepts, businesses, or ventures because their prestige follows them. 


This portability allows them to grow their business by extending into additional industry markets, start new divisions at their firms, or entirely new ventures with less skepticism.  CEOs that focus on branding realize that increased recognition grows their influence and helps lead to a longer lasting legacy.  Consider the marketplace examples like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, and Martha Stewart.         

We’ve worked with CEOs in Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East and South America and the commonality is our clients get the most visibility they’ve ever had by working with Ascendant!

Our Clients have

appeared on ...

... and more.

Core Competencies


  • Award Winning

    • ​Public Relations

    • Web Design

    • Creativity

  • Integrated

    • Brand Managment

    • Social Media Management

  • Brand Strategy Development & Planning

  • Brand Design & Identity

  • Developing Book Concepts & Securing Book Deals

  • Content Development

  • Lead Generation (via Linkedin)

  • Brand Measurement & Metrics

  • Development of Creative Brief

    • ​Websites

    • Photography

    • Videography

What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying About Us

“We were published in multiple magazines and other publications that were strategic to our target markets.  Additionally, we were interviewed on CNBC, which really showcased their abilities along with their relationships to create a dynamic branding/marketing campaign.  We received professional public speaking training which has really helped us with providing a clear, concise and powerful message to our target audience. They designed our websites and provided the content necessary to have consistent brand messaging.  As you can see their approach is very holistic, which we found is key to a successful campaign.  Again, we couldn't be happier with our experience.”

–Mike Regina, Big Sky Enterprises

“Ascendant helped me build immediate credibility as the new leader of the California Women’s Conference and has played a marquee role us getting thousands of attendees and national recognition.”

-Michelle Patterson, President of The California Women’s Conference

“There are people who create business, people who secure business, and people who maintain business. In my nine years with Ascendant, I'm happy to say that they have provided all three. It's been one of the best decisions in my life to join them in their mission to provide the most opportunities and business management for respected clients.  Ascendant is well worth the investment.”

-Omar Tyree, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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