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Vantage BDS offers a wide range of services that cater to the business needs of almost any company. Over the past two decades and in association with our global partners, we have developed a keen understanding of various challenges that face businesses in a multitude of industries and have created effective, efficient, and realistic models that tackle such hurdles in a professional and practical manner. Our models are always creative, affordable, and yield a positive return on investment.

Organizational Development


Our Organizational Development services cover all key aspects of the organization, which lead to sustainable growth and continuous improvement.


Assessment Services


Recommendation & Execution Services

Content Creation
Complete Marketing Plans
  • Corporate, Brand and Product objectives and goals.

  • The full marketing mix, including print and online.

  • Marketing Activities including activations and event participations.

  • Co-Branding opportunities with reputable counterparts.

  • Seasonal promotions.

  • Local and international PR campaigns.

  • A Brand Positioning Strategy Manual.

  • Survey and market research statistics.

  • Budgets, and KPIs.

  • Strategic Action Plan with execution schedules.

Comprehensive Sales Plans
  • A strategic plan to optimize existing sales channels.

  • The development of new revenue streams to optimize production capacity and generate additional revenue.

  • Defining sales targets and forecasts from new and existing revenue streams.

  • Sales salary structures and commission schemes.

  • Budgets and KPIs.

  • If necessary develop a comprehensive Brand Manual to establish corporate identity, brand equity, and brand style guide.

Professional Content Development
  • Corporate Presentations & Content

  • Board Review Portfolio Development

  • Annual & Quarterly Reports Design

  • Investor Profiles Development

  • Corporate Profile Content

  • Website Content

  • Social Media Content

  • Business Development Plans

  • Conference Agendas and Speaker Notes

  • Audio/Video Advertising Content

    • Television​

    • Radio

    • Print

  • Project Documentation Content​

Process & Document Creation

  • Develop and design lucrative Annual Reports that attract potential investors and reassures existing stakeholders.


  • Develop a Standard Operating Procedures Manual to standardize operations of all functional units.


  • Develop Employee Assessment System to evaluate, rectify and optimize employee performance with reward/punishment schemes.


  • Create an Employee On-Boarding Kit to minimize delays resulting from employee turnover.

  • Develop Culture Change Management Programs that enhance performance, limits attrition rates, and promotes loyalty.

  • Develop an Annual Manpower Plan in accordance with growth and business development strategies.

  • Develop a Job Description Manual that is clearly communicated to all employees with respect to their job functions.


  • Restructure organizational chart to include Salary Scales and Career Paths for employees.


  • Develop an Employee Relations Social Calendar to create loyalty, belongingness, and internal culture in order to minimize turnover and enhance productivity.

Corporate Representation

Vantage BDS represents a number of Egyptian and international companies. Our services include the following:



Handle all licensing, authorization, and product certifications required by the national regulatory authorities for all products intended to be sold in the Egyptian market.


Market Assessment

Identifying niche markets and assessing product/service potential both locally as well as internationally.


Buyer Relations

Communicating on behalf of our clients with agents, wholesalers, distributors, and/or retailers as well as online stores for securing agency and/or procurement agreements.


Credit  Reports

Creating credit and reputation assessment reports of B2B vendors as well as strategic partners and buyers.



Act on behalf of our clients as the official representation entity for issues regarding customs authorities and custom clearance agencies.



Representing our clients in developing all legal documentations such as, but not limited to, contracts, agreements, partnerships, etc.


Cost Optimization

Where possible, Vantage BDS will identify and establish corporate agreements within areas that provide cost cutting and/or business development opportunities in accordance with our clients' objectives and best interest.

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